Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the answers to your questions are found below. If not, please email your questions to us, and we will respond within 1 to 5 hours (7 days/8 am to 8 pm PST).

No. This is a business strategy conference that requires a basic understanding of the professional acting industry. If you are new to auditioning professionally but not new to acting, you may register and agree to read our curated list of books focused on the business side of the entertainment industry. (We do not sell the books).

ABSOLUTELY! Every segment of the agenda is relevant If you are considering expanding into a neighboring market of acting opportunities OR to simply apply it to the current markets you’re in.

All business conferences have varying degrees of expertise among their attendees so there will be aspects of our program where you currently excel. Much of our content is delivered through casting experts using data-driven conversions in today’s casting offices. Once you feel that networking, expanding your knowledge, seeking answers to ever-changing industry trends and applying new insights to your career are not necessary, you are passing the baton to your competition. Strategy conferences in any field are rarely for beginners. In conclusion, if you ARE NOT looking at your career as an entrepreneur, this programming is not for you.

The Work Lab and roundtable portion of the summit is an invaluable few days to optimizing your marketing portfolio to feature diverse abilities required to expand into new performing opportunities and/or new international entertainment markets.

For the most part, no. The content you are paying for is on the homepage under “This Is What You Can Expect”. We do provide one meal per day and that will be on the final agenda provided by September 10th.

We will send a travel guide with hotel options, arrival and departure time suggestions, and the best airports to use.

There may be a way to earn a space through your paid referrals. We fill up quickly, so this may not be an option for this year. Email us on the ‘affiliate’ link below, for affiliate/influencer updates for this or the next event.

Yes! You can connect with your fellow participants on our new Facebook Group. There, you may inquire about hotel and/or Uber or Lyft transport to the hotel.

2023 is our 26th year of entertainment industry pro-level conferences, training camps, entertainment college tours, and creative art-themed assemblies at primary & secondary schools worldwide.

We can make case-by-case exceptions for young actors who have begun auditioning professionally. Just as on professional film and stage sets, we require an adult be present during the conference and works so a second (discounted) registration must be completed.

You have 15 days to request a refund. This refund timeframe may be less than 15 days if you accept and BEGIN the consulting sessions. This is usually a rushed first meeting for those who have registered late and need to catch up to the rest of the group. Refunds may take up to 30 days to receive.

No shows will result in a cancelled reservation and full forfeiture of funds.

There is no refund in the event of mandatory closures: epidemic, pandemic, disease or fear thereof (including, but not limited to, Covid-19), vandalism, fire, explosion, storm or other natural disaster, or national emergency or other acts of governmental authority. We offer transfer credit to the following year, minus 20% for expenses incurred by our company. 

If you are unable to attend, and our office has been informed no less than 30 days before the event, you may attend the next event of equal or lesser value by submitting a $200 admin fee, along with your application for the next event. Your pre-event consulting and coaching will begin where it left off.

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